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The Hook Roller Derby Skate Package

£669.95 SAVE £220.00
Chaya Shiva 45 Roller Derby Plate Set
Chaya Shiva 45 Roller Derby Plate Set
£299.951 pair
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Luigino Vertigo Q4 Derby Boot Roller Derby Skates
Luigino Vertigo Q4 Derby Boot Roller Derby Skates
£259.951 pair
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Roll-Line Rapido Roller skate Wheels 8-pack
Roll-Line Rapido Roller skate Wheels 8-pack
£57.951 pcs
K2 ILQ 7 Bearing 16 pack
K2 ILQ 7 Bearing 16 pack
£39.951 set

Sure-Grip Slip Not Laces
Sure-Grip Slip Not Laces
£6.951 pair
Skate Assembling
Skate Assembling
£8.551 pcs
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The Hook derby package will make your team mates jealous!

The combination of the Vertigo Q4 boot and the plate from either Roll-Line or Chaya is a power house setup. The boot wraps nicely around your foot thanks to the self-modelling materials used, and the plates looks absolutely stunning.

This package is customizable and lets you choose between either the Roll-Line Killer plate or the Chaya Ophira or Chaya Shiva plate. The choice of the three different plates is based on the angle of the kingpin. This angle determins if the setup is either fast and stable or lively and responsive.
Choose your favourite wheel and match them to your choice of bearings and you have a full package and will be ready for roller derby.


Wheel Diameter:
59mm, 62mm
Plate Material:
Boot type:
Low cut
Liner features:
Built-in, Anatomically shaped, Heat moldable
Lacing, Powerstrap
Boot material:
Leather, Microfiber, Heat moldable
Liner material:
Recommended for:
Roller Derby


Amazing package and cheaper by half than any other USA online skate shops. So amazed by the price and the equipment offered that at first I thought it was a scam and I would never end up with killer plates, bone bearings, roll line rapids, luiginos Q4, and the top quality roll line toe stop with free shipping and no additional fees all for $430. Ordered and it did take longer than estimate by about two weeks but Skatepro was nice and helpful and provided a free Skatepro shirt as a gift for the longer time spent waiting. Just make sure if you order to be very patient and have a strong backup pair of skates or don't expect the skates to be shipped by the predicted time but within 1-2 weeks after. Other than that issue, skates are amazing and exceeded expectations and all products were as promised. I love them even more than my edea and roll line dance plate skates for doing tricks and moves. Great skate for very high level and advanced skating for any discipline.
Rating: 5 of 5!