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Out Of Flat Black/Green MCI Ski goggles

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The Flat is a more traditionally styled ski goggle. It has an enclosing frame that wraps around the lens. This shape is cheaper to produce and therefor also gives people the option to try out the magnificent lens tech from Out Of without necessarily breaking the bank.

Flat covers all the basics and has a strong and durable design. The Anti-Fog capabilities of these goggles surpasses the standard of 8 seconds by almost 10 times as much. This means you get a hassle free experience whilst whipping down the powdered hills.

These Flat Black ski goggles with the Green MCI lens is intended for sunny to slightly overcast days. But they will also be good for partly sunny weather.

Microfiber bag is included.

Lens Light Conditions:

  • Green MCI: S3 Partly cloudy/Partly Sunny
Lens weathertype:
Partly cloudy, Sunny
Changeable Lens:
Green MCI
Antifog Technology:
hypoallergenic and triple density
Incl. Extra Lens:
Multi Layer Lenses:
Double lens