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Tempish Contra Sunglasses

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The Contra Sunglasses from Tempish are built to be a versatile set of glasses for people doing sports in varied conditions. The frame is made to be as comfortable to wear as possible and it features a quick lens change system that will allow you to easily adjust to the current situation.

The lenses all have a coating which makes them resilient to scratching and provide them with anti-fog capabilities. They are also made with a rating of UV400 which keeps your peepers well protected against UV-rays.

In order for you to ride as lightweight as possible and with the lowest amount of discomfort possible - Tempish has thrown in a frame insert where you can have prescription lenses made to suit your needs, where the easy snap-on mounting makes it fit snug and tight inside the glasses.

Included in this kit is as follows:

  • Hard-case carry-box, with carry-strap
  • Soft microfiber bag
  • Soft microfiber cloth
  • 4 different lenses
  • Neck Cord
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