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Roces Logomania Adjustable Roller Skates

Size: 32-35
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Tempish Laces 230cm
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SkatePro T-shirt
10-12 - Cuban Sand
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12-14 - Chive
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12-14 - Cuban Sand
12-14 - White
12-14 - Heather Grey
12-14 - Black
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12-14 - Flame Scarlett
S - Chive
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L - White
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L - Flame Scarlett
L - Chive
L - Cuban Sand
XL - Flame Scarlett
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XL - Blueberry
XL - White
XL - Flame Orange
XL - Black
XL - Cuban Sand
XL - Heather Grey
XL - Chive
XL - White
XL - Black
XXL - Black
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SkatePro T-shirt
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Tempish Laces 230cm
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Make the first quad skating adventure a blast with the size-adjustable Roces Logomania Roller skates

Vivid colours set off the Logomania skates, which are perfect for a beginner's first steps with roller skating. Made from ECO Mesh and with an anatomically shaped footbed, the fun will last a bit longer thanks to a comfy nest for kids' feet.


  • The 2-piece shell is size-adjustable making it fun for more kids in the household and enabling it to fit for a longer period with growing feet
  • Lacing in is easy with the flat laces and triple hooks at the top
  • The shaft is supportive around the ankle making it easier for first-timers to get a hold of the basics
Wheel Diameter:
Plate Material:
Boot type:
Adjustable size, Semi-soft
Liner features:
Bearing precision:
Wheel width:
Wheel hardness:
Wheel material:
PVC injected
Boot material:
Liner material:
High lateral support
Recommended for:
Indoor skating, Outdoor skating, Artistic skating
reviews   (1)
I had an initial problem with order and the staff were really quick to deal with issue. Skates arrived within the week and are of excellent quality. Would highly recommend both for their product and customer service.
C. Lyons (Carrigallen)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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