Felix Fiilin SkatePro edit 2018

Felix Fiilin is shredding the streets of Barcelona and Helsinki in his brand new edit. We hooked up with him to hear more about it.

He's one of Finlands best street riders, and in this edit, Felix shows why. We like it so much that we wanted to hear more about how the edit was made.

Craziest clip

Felix' edit consists of a lot of sweet clips from both Barcelona and Helsinki, but what is his favourite clip?

"It's for sure 02:20 min is the edit where I hit a long curb and do a BS Feeble nose to FS Feeble 360 barspin. What can I say more than speed always makes things cooler."

Picture: Danicuello17
So, how did he decide which clips he should use in the 3 minutes and 47 seconds long edit?

"I just took my personal favourites. It should have been longer, but some clips were too dark or shakey", he says.

Just go with the flow

Picture: jvndelts

Shooting an edit means not only shooting a lot of clips but also finding the spots you need. So, how long did the planning take?

"Actually, I didn't plan it. I just went with the flow and grabbed clips of every spot we found", he says and adds.

" Would I do it differently next time? Yes, I have realised that with a little bit of planning the process would be a bit easier."

Call the cops

Every street rider out there has tried to be thrown away from a spot, but when Felix filmed a clip behind the shop, he experienced something unusual.

"Afterwards we went to the shop, and the cashier was smiling and said: That stuff you are doing is so cool, for what are you filming? I told him it was for Youtube and asked him how he knew?" Felix says and continues:

Picture: Jandelts

"It turned out that he saw everything via a security camera. We asked him if we could see it, but he needed to call the police to be able to show the playbacks, So, we thanked him for the offer, but said no."


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