Race BMX stems

Stem rise
Steer tube size

Find the right Race BMX stem for your build

The stem is made for mounting the bar on the fork shaft. The stem also makes the compression on the race BMX.

The feeling of the front end on the race BMX, is to some extent determined by the BMX stem. Stems usually varies from each other in how much it increases in height and by how long they are.

Height and length of the stem will affect how early you will find the balance point on your race BMX bike. To optimize control a lot of race BMX riders prefer riding with a long stem.

Top load vs frontload stem - what to choose?

The handlebar can be mounted on the stem in two ways. Top loaded where bar is mounted on the top of the stem, and frontloaded where the bar is mounted on the front of the stem

Often race BMX riders choose a frontload stem to get the most control and stability out of the bike.

The top load stems are often taller build than the front load stems. We recommend top load stems if you wish to have the bar higher.