Race BMX Pedals

Pedal axle diameter

What Pedals Do BMX Racers Use?

Race BMX pedals are designed to give you the best acceleration and grip. Known as flat pedals, they are designed with a wide surface area that is great for staying in control when racing around the track.

Race BMX pedals can be made from steel, plastic or aluminium. Steel pedals are the heavier but stronger option while aluminium pedals are lighter. Plastic pedals are usually the most affordable but lack some durability that the metals pedals have.

Just like with freestyle bikes, the pedal axle diameter is either 1/2” or 9/16”. What size BMX pedal you need to get depends on the type of crankset your setup has.

Do BMX Riders Clip In?

Many racers choose to use BMX clipless pedals, where the rider wears special shoes that “clip” onto the pedals. The benefit of using this type of pedal is that it gives you a secure connection to the bike and you can maximise your acceleration.

However, if you’re racing competitively remember to check whether clipless pedals are permitted, as the rules can vary depending on age group, classification, and location.

Another important element of generating acceleration out of the blocks is having the right Race BMX Cranks.

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