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Accessories - Derby


Roller derby plates, derby toe stops, and other derby hardware

Roller derby is a relatively new sport, but within the sports short lifetime, it has already established itself as a well-organised sport with thousands of practitioners all over the world, and the sport's popularity is still on the rise not slowing down.

Since the sport started to grow in the early 2000 different brands have started to produce special parts for the sport such as roller derby plates, derby toe stops and other kinds of derby hardware that is optimised for the harsh life on the circuit.

In this category you will find only high-quality derby hardware, that will help you to optimise and perfect your game. We have a lot of different derby toe stops, in all kinds of colours. This gives you the opportunity to put your own personal touch on your derby skates.

We also have different kinds of bushings of various hardness. These bushings can be replaced if you want to adjust the responsiveness of your quads. The harder the bushings the more weight you have to put on your derby skates to make them turn.

As you can see, there are also a lot of different roller derby plates in the higher price range. These are state of the art plates, that can really take a beating out on the track. The plates are lightweight and highly manoeuvrable. They are manufactured in a special lightweight aluminium alloy whereas the truck is made of steel for maximum durability.