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What Gear Do I Need for Roller Derby?

Besides your skates, there’s a whole range of roller derby gear and equipment made for you to stay safe and maximise your performance when on the roller rink. Whatever position you play, derby is physical, so the most important accessory to have is roller derby protective gear. All players need to wear protection, even during practise sessions.

Wearing roller derby pads will go a long way to preventing bruises. They help withstand impacts from any falls or clashes and will help make sure that you’re not feeling as sore the next day. These pads should be worn on the elbows, knees, and wrists. You should also wear protective shorts as well as a mouthguard. Another important piece of protection that you will need is a helmet, which you can find in the Skate Helmets category.

In this category, you’ll also find roller derby accessories that will make your life a bit easier. Equipment such as footies and compression socks will help keep your feet comfortable, as well as water bottles so you can stay hydrated.

If you are looking for parts to fix up your skates, then have a look at our Parts for Roller Derby category.

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