Roller Derby Gear

Good to know

Here you’ll find the best roller derby gear

Though quad skates have been around since the 1920´s Roller Derby in the form that we know it today is a rather new phenomenon. The sport is actually not even twenty years old yet. Roller derby is performed on side-by-side skates and the roller derby gear has evolved explosively within the last few years. Since the participants have become more and more competitive searching for better and more durable gear the equipment produced has of course followed.

Here at SkatePro we have a wide assortment of different roller derby equipment, that can be used for protection, show and maintenance. The high-intensity sport requires a high level of protection, and that is why the roller derby gear that is used for protection is not just a regular 3-pack set. Some players also use protection on their bum, and the triple eight bumsaver is perfect for this purpose. Mouth guards are also an important roller derby accessory and not something you want to neglect.

Don’t forget tradition

Roller derby has a proud tradition of the players wearing colourful and eye-catching clothes. In this category, you will also find different clothes such as hot-trousers, shirts and colourful laces for your roller skates.

You will also find bolts and axles that are specially made for roller hockey and different tools. One of the tools that we are very proud to have in our shop is the Roll-Line bearing Press that saves you the hassle of getting your bearings in and out of the wheels during maintenance.

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