Surf Clothing

What Is the Surfer Look?

Surf clothing is made to be comfortable, casual and stylish. It’s timeless and is worn not just by water sports lovers. Surf style clothing is characterised by shorts, baggy shirts and often stand-out sunglasses and hats. Many of the big brands are recognizable around the world and their logos signify that surfing is as much a lifestyle as it is a sport.

Choose the Surfwear That Fits Your Style

What surf apparel you wear is up to you, and it often depends on where you are surfing and the weather conditions. With shirts, you can go for a classic t shirt or if the weather is a bit cooler then opt for a design with longer sleeves. You have the option of wearing a shirt with a clean minimal look or one that sports your favourite brand. For colder days at the shore, it’s worth having a surf-style jacket or hoodie.

Below the waist, both shorts and chinos fit the surfer style. With trousers and other apparel, there is often a lot of overlap with skate clothing, with many brands developing products to suit both styles.

If the boardshorts aren’t enough to keep you warm when surfing in cold waters, then you should check out our selection of Wetsuits.

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