BMX Beanies


Stay Warm With a BMX Beanie

If you’re riding your BMX during the winter months, then it’s a good idea to get yourself a BMX beanie. Wearing a beanie will help keep your head nice and warm and let you focus on your riding during colder winter days. Most of the beanies that you’ll see in this category are made from comfy fabric that not only keeps you warm but also retains its shape.

You have a choice of numerous different styles from many of the big BMX brands, and lots of the beanies that you see here are available in multiple different colours. Remember that wearing a BMX hat is a big part of your overall look, so choose something that will go with the rest of your BMX attire.

Of course, while wearing a beanie will give you some protection, it’s not a substitute for a helmet, so protect your head with a proper BMX Helmet.

Worried about the sun impacting your riding? Then have a look at our BMX Sunglasses.

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