BMX Clothing

BMX Clothing for the Street and Race Course

BMX clothing covers a wide range of products that are used for lifestyle wear, race performance and protection. The look of BMX riders is generally casual, with many wearing baggy clothes that are both breathable and comfortable. A lot of BMX apparel has a minimal look, with black and white being the most common colours, but brands also offer creative and colourful options as a fresh alternative to the standard.

What Do BMX Riders Wear?

Freestyle riders are more likely to go for a relaxed, casual BMX outfit. On the top, they would wear a loose-fitting BMX t-shirt with a sweatshirt or jacket, depending on the weather. BMX trousers or shorts are both good options, with many of the trousers having room for knee pads to be worn underneath.

For the racers, a BMX jersey is the normal apparel to wear as they are made from polyester, making them light and breathable. The trousers are made with similar material but with more stretch to improve the freedom of movement.

Both of these BMX disciplines need similar shoes that offer lots of support and cushioning around the feet. BMX shoes are put to the test when performing stunts, so they need to be able to withstand hard impacts and provide the rider with a feeling of control.

The only other gear that is more important to wear than clothing is protection. Check out our range of BMX Protective Gear.

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