Skateboard Socks


What Socks Are Best for Skateboarding?

Although they may look like regular socks, skateboard socks are made to give you that extra bit of comfort when out skating. We all know that you can quickly get sweaty during a skating session, so the ideal socks should be made from a fabric that helps wick away moisture. Like standard socks, you can choose between a range of cool styles and either an ankle or regular size.

Skater socks are made from a combination of several materials, such as cotton, nylon, polyester and elastane. Put together, these materials help produce a sock that is breathable and durable. Also, be sure to look out for some socks with a reinforced footbed or compression support. These provide extra protection for your feet when you are landing tricks.

Why Do Skateboarders Wear Long Socks?

Many skaters can be quickly recognised out on the streets thanks to their long socks. There are several reasons why skateboarders wear crew or knee-high socks and it is not only because it is a part of the classic skater style. Along with keeping the legs warm, wearing longer skate socks also add a bit of protection to the shin area.

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