Ski Pole Grips


Replacing the grip gives you the feel of a new ski pole

There comes a time, when the grips on your ski poles are worn out. If you own a quality set of ski poles, it might make sense replacing the handles opposed to throwing them out and buying new poles.

Cork is a popular material for ski pole handles, since it is a very soft and light material but at the same time very durable. Some ski pole handles are manufactured in soft foam which is preferred by some skiers.

In this category, you will also find our selection in different types of straps for cross country and roller ski poles. The right strap will give you the ability to push harder on the pole without needing to hold the pole as tight in your hand.

Most straps come with a good amount of padding making it more comfortable for the skier - a thing that is much appreciated when spending hours and days out cross country skiing.