Race BMX Headset

Headset type
Bearing type

A Race BMX headset is more than just the bearings

In order to turn the handlebar on a race BMX freely a headset is needed. A headset is made from; bearings, a c-ring and a top cap. In some cases headset spacers are included. This will be mentioned in the product specifications.

Should i choose a sealed or closed headset?

The most important part of the headset is the bearings. Headsets typically come with either sealed or closed bearings. The key difference between the two is that a sealed bearing cannot be opened up for cleaning but since it is sealed, they is typically no need to clean them.

Closed bearings on the other hand can be opened for cleaning by removing the rubber shields.

Give your new BMX headset a good grease

When replacing the headsets, we recommend that you give your new parts some grease. This will make the cleaning and replacement easier the next time. The grease is even more important, If you own a closed headset, where you want to be able to easily open the headset for cleaning or replacing the bearings.