Ice hockey skates

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When playing ice hockey, you need ice hockey skates that are both strong, rigid, and optimized for fast acceleration, stops and turns.

Materials and features of ice hockey skates

Ice hockey skates have good ankle support, and a slightly bent frame, which enables you to gain speed, and make quick maneuvers. Furthermore, ice hockey skates have a robust design and they are generally available with laces instead of buckles.

Most ice hockey skates are made of PU-leather and plastic. PU-leather is not quite as flexible as genuine leather, but instead it is extremely durable and strong. When you play ice hockey, your ice hockey skates are exposed to impacts with other player’s sticks, the puck, and collisions with other players, and because of that, they have to be strong to protect your feet as much as possible.

The blades have multiple functions, as they are used to create momentum, but they also work as brakes. Furthermore, the blades make it possible to make rapid starts and turns. Hockey skates should be fast, but the maneuverability is just as important. For regularly use (weekly training sessions, and as a result, many blade sharpenings), we recommend skates with blades of stainless steel, as they are very durable and suited for sharpening.