Maintenance for Aggressive Skates


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How Long Do Aggressive Skates Last?

There’s no set time for how long your pair of aggressive skates will last and it really depends on how often you use them. If you’re at the skate park several times a week, then of course expect your skates to wear out faster than if you just take to the streets once a month. But regardless of how often you skate, it’s important to carry out regular maintenance on your aggressive skates to make sure you get the best performance out of them.

Aggressive skate maintenance can be a lot of things, and is anything from wiping down your boot to keep it fresh-looking to changing the wheels or frame.

Keep Your Bearings in Top Condition

Some of the more popular products in this category are the bearing cleaners. Regularly cleaning your bearings is one of the most important bits of maintenance you can do and aggressive skate bearing cleaners make the process a lot easier and more convenient. If you’re not sure how to do this, then head over to our Bearing Cleaning and Lubrication guide.

However, even with regular cleaning, there will come a time when the bearings just don’t seem to roll as smoothly as they once did. So, if you think it’s time for a new set then head over to our Aggressive Skate Bearings page.

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