Dancing Longboards

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Dancing longboards - express your artistic side

Dancing is one of the fastest growing longboards disciplines in the world of longboard. Dancing longboards or dancers are all about moving with style. They are great if you really want to be artistic and literally dance while riding on your board. With dancing longboards, you get the opportunity to be creative on your board performing dancing tricks like cross stepping, walk the plank, the lookback and other artistic moves you can come up with.

Dancer longboard decks - for boardwalking

The deck of the dancer longboard is typically long which gives you a platform with enough space to walk back and forth on the board while making your moves. You can choose between more stiff or more flexible decks depending on your style. Stiff decks are optimal for board walking while decks with more flex provide more bounce when you pump and give you that surfy feel. The dancing style is inspired by board walking known from surfing where surfers trim the surfboard to get the most out of the waves.

Dancing mixed with freestyle

As with many other ways of longboarding, dancing can also be combined with other styles, for example, freestyle. In this case, you combine the artistic dance steps with skateboard tricks like the tiger claw, g-turn, boneless and the shove-it. It is all about being creative and expressing your inner artist through your dancing longboard.

We carry dancing longboard from some of the best brands such as Bones, BTFL, Elixir, Globe, Mindless, Rayne, Rellik, Tempish and Loaded.