Kids BMX Pads


Choose the Right BMX Pads for Kids

BMX riding is an incredibly fun sport for children, but it is important for them to wear the correct protective gear. No matter if they are taking their first ride on a balance bike or freestyling on the street, kids BMX pads for the knees and elbows will provide protection when they fall. Kids skate pads provide the same protection as BMX knee and elbow pads, so there is often a large overlap in our product selection.

Kids BMX Helmets should be the first piece of protection you buy for your child. Kids knee pads and elbow pads naturally come next, as their knees and elbow are commonly hurt body parts. Pads with hard outer shells offer the best protection, and adjustable velcro straps mean they can be fitted securely in a range of sizes. Youth compression shorts are also recommended for young BMX riders. They are to be worn under the trousers and have padding over hips, thighs and tailbones.

Another smaller piece of protection that should not be forgotten about for kids, is BMX Gloves. Gloves help kids grip the handlebars and provide good protection if they fall on rough surfaces.

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