Skate Hoodies & Crewnecks

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Skate with skate hoodies or a crew neck

Looking for a skate hoodie or a skate crew neck for when you’re out skating or just chillin’ with other skaters? Then check out our selection of skate hoodies and crewnecks from popular skate brands such as Vans. You can even get our very own SkatePro hoodie like the one our team riders wear.

Wearing a crew neck or skate hoodie in chilly weather

Skating is not just a sport, but a lifestyle. Skating is therefore something a lot of skaters do all year-round, even in colder weather. However, remember that skating in rainy weather can damage your bearings and outdoor ramps can naturally be more slippery and hereby dangerous to grind. Apart from that, don’t let the weather stop you - Skate, cruise and ride at all times! Put on that skate hoodie to keep you warm. Our skater hoodies and crewnecks mostly contain cotton, making them more comfortable to wear when sweating while skating the streets and parks.

Going for that skater look? – Add a skater hoodie to your style

Whether you like skating or are just aiming for that skater look, a skater hoodie can give you that casual style, and at the same time they are very nice and comfortable to wear. Find the skate hoodie for you in our selection.