BMX Grips

Grip Length

Find the right BMX grip for your handlebars

Grips are important to stay in control of a freestyle BMX bike. Soft grips are often preferred because they act as a shock absorber protecting the rider’s hands for major shocks.

When it comes to grip, personal preferences is the keyword. Therefore the grip on a freestyle BMX is generally a place where riders tend to try quite a few different models before settling in on a specific brand and model.

Tricks for mounting the BMX grips

Most BMX riders recognize the struggle of mounting BMX grips. The rubber is so soft that the friction is insane. If you decide to buy a new set of grips, we have a few tips to making the process of replacing your old grips a lot smoother.
Air compressor – using an air compressor to blow air in between the bar and the grips makes the grips slide right on the handlebar.

Strips – using about 4 strips inside the grips gives a harder surface inside the grips and thereby makes it easier to slide them on, the strips are easy to remove after the grips have been mounted.

Window cleaner and other fast evaporating liquids – applying window cleaner or rubbing alcohol on the handlebar immediately before mounting makes the surface of the bar slicker and the grips will slide on easier.