Scooter Protection

The right scooter safety gear will make you a better rider in the end

Scooter protective gear is not only a matter of keeping you safe when you crash.

A set of scooter safety gear such as a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads, will give you the confidence to go for more new and more advanced tricks because you know you'll be safe if you fall.

Even if you don't ride on rails, boxes, mini ramps or quarters in the skate park, the right scooter protection gear is essential.

Why? Well, scooter protective gear will reduce the risk of getting hurt. This means that you can use less time on being injured and more time on your scooter.

So, which kind of scooter safety gear should I get?

It’s up to every single person to choose if he or she wants to use scooter protective gear. Here at SkatePro we always recommend that you use a helmet.

Choose a skate helmet instead of a bike helmet, when you are shopping for scooter safety gear. A skate helmet can take multiple hits and are designed to protect the back of your head.

Furthermore, we always recommend elbow pads and knee pads, when you choose scooter protective gear.

Scooter safety gear that’s nice to have

We often see a lot of riders wear mouth guards. Why? You might ask. Well, it easy to land crooked and slam your face into the scooter bar. A mouth guard will keep your teeth safe. In short a very little investment, which can save you a lot of pain.

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