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What Is BMX Racing?

Race BMX is a fast and action-packed sport where the aim is to get around a 300-400 m track as fast as possible. The course is purpose-built for BMX racing, and the eight competitors will have to get past jumps, humps and tight corners. It is a single lap race track and each race lasts for less than a minute.

Compared to other styles of BMX, there are fewer tricks and stunts, however race BMX riders use the technique called pumping. Here, the rider aims to generate momentum by pushing with their arms and legs in order to get over jumps.

What Is a BMX Race Bike?

Race BMX bikes are designed for achieving high speeds and quick acceleration. They are built specifically for racing, rather than stunts and tricks. Compared to freestyle bikes, race bikes tend to have thinner tyres as not as much traction is needed.

Furthermore, they are considered to be very light BMX bikes compared to freestyle as they are made from aluminium rather than steel, ensuring a sturdy and durable model. With a race BMX bike, having a wheel diameter of 20 inches is common.

What Size BMX Race Bike Do I Need?

BMX frames and tyres come in different sizes, despite the standard wheel diameter. Although the size of the bike depends on the individual model, there is a scale of BMX bikes ranging from Micro-mini to Pro XXL. This sizing is based on their frame size.

The main thing to consider is your height. The taller you are, the longer your top tube (the top part of your frame) length should be. Check out our BMX Race Size chart to give you more of an idea of how to choose the right Race BMX size. Having the right size in BMX racing is important so that you can maximise your potential when riding.

If you prefer stunts and tricks to the race track, check out our range of Freestyle BMX Bike products.

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