Scooter Pants


What Are Scooter Trousers?

Whether you’re riding your scooter in the skate park or on the street, you want to be sure that you’re wearing something comfy below the waist. Here, you’ll find a wide selection of scooter trousers and shorts so you can keep riding and feel good whatever the weather.

Scooter trousers are usually made from materials such as polyester and cotton, so you get a strong, long-lasting pair for your scooting sessions. If you’re out riding on hotter days, then scooter shorts will do the job.

A lot of the products here are made by some of the biggest scooter and skating brands around and can be used not just for scootering but for many other action sports.

Whether you choose scooter trousers or shorts, a solid pair of knee pads are needed for protection, so check out our collection of Scooter Knee pads.

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