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Snowboard Bindings Connects You to the Board

Snowboard bindings transfer the power from your legs to the snowboard, and they hold you safely in place when riding. They have a big influence on the overall riding experience, so finding suitable bindings matching your riding style and board is important.

The most important snowboard binding parts are the highbacks, baseplates, and straps. Some bindings, such as the Step-On bindings, do not have straps and work only with specific snowboard boots.

What Snowboard Bindings Should I Get?

You should get bindings based on your riding preferences and skill levels. There are three types of bindings based on the riding styles: all-mountain, jib, and park. Generally speaking, medium flex is optimal for all-mountain riding and beginners. A soft flex is better for jib/park riders and harder flex is suitable for aggressive riders. In addition, men’s snowboard bindings are usually stiffer and wider than women’s snowboard bindings.

Another thing to consider is the mounting system. Most of the brands producing snowboard bindings make snowboards that use the standard 4x4 or 2x4 systems. However, Burton snowboards use a two-screw "slider-channel" on most of their models (also called EST) or the older 3D pattern.

Make sure you know which system your snowboard uses. Most bindings come with several different discs that make them fit the different mounting systems.

Do Snowboard Bindings Have Sizes?

Snowboard bindings generally come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. However, the sizes are not standardised and can vary between different brands. The size of your snowboarding bindings should fit the size of the snowboard boot to hold your boot safely in place. Usually, the binding sizes cover a range of shoe sizes, and you can check the coverage from each product's page.

If the straps don't fit perfectly when you unpack your new snowboard bindings, there's no need for worrying - they are adjustable. The most important thing is that your snowboard boot fits inside the width of the snowboard and within the heel cup.

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