Scooter Ramps & Grind Rails


Scooter ramps for your own scoot park

As a kid, who wouldn’t want to have his or her own little scoot park?

With the ramps for scooters we have in store, this childhood dream of having your own park can suddenly become a reality. We have both stunt scooter ramps and scooter grind rails so you can really level up your game. Of course, it’s nice to find cool spots to scoot at everywhere around you, but having a home base where you can always go to is something that is a complete game-changer and you can improve your skills quickly.

Ramps for scooters that you can actually move around

The other thing about our stunt scooter ramps and grind rails is that they are easy to transport to other places. If you want to set up your home park or your schoolyard park differently, just have some friends help you out with moving them and you’ll be done in no time.

Work on your tricks till you master them

Learning tricks on your scooter is a long journey. Especially if you have a hard time finding good places where you can keep working on the same tricks over and over again until you master it. The good spots (if any) are often occupied by others so you’ll have to spend time waiting for your turn. Other good places may be unusable during certain times of the day. With your own ramps and rails, you can set it up just how you want it and ride your scoot whenever you want to. It’s an opportunity to learn tricks faster, as well as an opportunity to learn tricks with your crew at your place.

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