Glide Wax for Cross Country Skis

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More speed with glide wax for cross-country skis

Ski glide wax is created for speed and of course a better glide. Glide wax gives the effect of making the front and back of the ski more smooth, which results in a better glide.

For the basic cross country skier, universal cross country glide wax is a great choice. If you wish to make sure that your skis give you a premium glide, glide wax for various temperatures are recommended.

XC Skiing like a Pro - with ski glide wax

Serious and pro cross country skiers can be almost fanatic about choosing the right iron and glide wax for their skis, and they will apply a fresh layer of glide wax almost every time they go out for skiing. In the other pond, we have many beginners and recreational skiers that rarely, if ever, apply any wax on their skis. Something in between these two patterns will be preferable and optimal for most skiers.

There are basically two kinds of glide wax for cross-country skis. A hot wax that needs to be applied with a hot iron at the right temperature. This kind of glide wax is very durable and may last the better part of a season for occasional skiers. Then there is the “everyday wax”, that can be applied on the top of the hot wax before you take your skis out on the slopes.

If you are new to cross country skiing, you shouldn't be alarmed and worry about waxing your skis every day. Don't be fooled. The right ski glide wax can give you some extra speed, but it is nothing in comparison with the impact that the right kick wax will give you, and if you aren't all that experienced it is in the kick waxing process that you should use your energy.

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