Kids inline skates / Rollerblades (age 3+)

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Kids inline skates - great for longer rides

Inline skates or rollerblades are popular among both children and adults. Older children, especially, will benefit highly from inline skates since it is possible to skate longer distances with them. Inline skates will probably also be the right choice if the whole family has plans about skating together, because it will be easier for the child to keep up with mom and dad. This way everyone will be able to skate at almost the same paste and still have a tonne of fun.

Good comfort and support

The boot on rollerblades for kids provides good support to your foot and ankle which is especially an advantage if your kid uses his/her rollerblades a lot. Some kids’ skates have a soft-boot and others a hard-boot. Both have their advantages so whether you prefer one over the other is a matter of personal preference. A soft-boot is typically more comfortable and breathable while a hard-boot typically is more stable and provides more control.

The closure system on inline skates varies from model to model. Some models consist of nothing but buckles which makes it easy for your child to put on and take off his/her inline skates without any help.

Rollerblades - also prepare you for ice skating

If your child also enjoys ice skating in the winter or if you have plans of going on the ice, choosing rollerblades can give you an advantage. The thing is that the technique is the same, making the switch from mainland to frozen water easier for your kid. This way it also becomes possible to skate all-year round and prepare yourself for some fun on the ice.

Can small kids use inline skates?

Yes, inline skates can be used by small kids, however, be aware that inline skates are less stable at slow speeds than classic roller skates. As soon as you gain a bit more speed, they will, as a minimum, become equally as stable as roller skates - the least. Therefore, your kid might just need a little help in the beginning until he/she has gotten a hang of the new skates and found the right balance. The boots of inline skates, in turn, generally provide more support to the foot and ankle than quad skates.

Smaller wheels for small children

For young children we recommend a smaller wheel size of 64-72mm in diameter, since this gives a lower centre of gravity which makes it easier for your child to keep balance. However, in general, you do not have to put much into the wheels because the manufacturer has already adjusted the wheel size accordingly to shoe size and with this also made it suitable for the age of your kid.

Alternative rollerblades

For the very young kids there are few models that come with three wheels, two of which are placed in the back and one in the front. This way your child gets more support and will be easier to keep balance. Once your child’s balance starts improving, you can remove one of rear wheels and instead mount it in the middle to turn the skates into roller blades with three wheels in a line.

Size - adjustable inline skates for kids

Most of the inline skates for kids on this page are size-adjustable. This means that you can adjust the size as your kid grows. With adjustable inline skates you can typically go up 3-4 sizes. Finding the right size also becomes easier and your kid will most likely be able to benefit from them during several seasons until he/she out-grows them.

Follow these guidelines to find the right size:

  • Remember to always read the size guide on each product page.
  • Rule of thumb is to go up one size compared to regular shoe size unless the size guide says otherwise.

Skate protection

Remember that kids, younger as well as older kids, should always wear skate protection when cruising around. Some roller blades for kids include a complete set of skate protection with knee and elbow pads, wrist guards and a helmet. If there’s no safety gear included as a bundled solution, you can find a lot of protective gear in various colours and variants on our website. Being fully geared up does not only ensure that your kid is well-protected, but the equipment will also make your kid feel more safe and this way speed up the learning process.