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Kids inline skates (age 3+)

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Inline skates are popular amongst adults as well as children. Especially older children can benefit from a pair of inline skates, because they are suited for both workout and fun use.

What are the advantages of kids inline skates?

If the child wants to skate a lot, it is an advantage that the inline boots provides great support to the foot and ankle. The closing system varies from model to model. Some only have security buckles which makes it easy for the child to open and close the inline skates. Kids inline skates are available with both hard and soft boot, different wheel size and –location to make it easy for you to find a boot that fits your child perfectly.

Most of the kids inline skates in this category are adjustable. This means that the size of the skates can be adjusted - typically 3-4 sizes. If you purchase adjustable kids skates, they can probably be used for several years before the kids outgrow them. Remember that the majority of kids inline skates are small in size.

Can small kids use inline skates?

Yes, inline skates can be used by small kids. However you have to be aware that kids inline skates are less stable at slow speeds than classic roller skates, therefore the child might need a little help in the beginning until he or she has gotten used to the skates and has found balance. In turn, the inline boots give better support to the foot and ankle than the side by side boots. Alternate, there is a few models with 3 wheels, where 2 of the wheels are mounted on the back and 1 wheel is mounted in front of the skate. That way, the child gets a more stable skate and it will be easier to maintain balance. As the child's balance gets better, one of the back wheels can be mounted in the middle to change the skates from quad skates to inline skates.

Remember that children – regardless of age – always should wear protective equipment when skating. Some kids inline skates are available with a complete set of protective equipment, consisting of knee-, elbow- and wrist-pads as well as a helmet. If these items aren’t included, you can find them in the category Kids protection.