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Are My Kids Ready for Inline skates?

Inline skating is a great exercise for your kids and a sport that provides countless hours of fun that can be practised in the streets or paved backyards.

To determine whether your child is ready to roll, consider their strength and stamina, their ability to balance, their attention span and overall coordination.

Usually, little ones of three to four years old already running around the house are ready to learn inline skating. It is wise to introduce children to the sport by signing them up for skating classes. They can learn to skate safely and effectively under the supervision of a professional adult.

Choosing the Right Kids’ Inline skates

Inline skates for kids should be comfortable, fit well and be long-lasting. When choosing your kids’ inline skates for recreational skating, consider the following - boot type, foot size and wheel size.

Inliner boots can be hard or soft. Hard boots offer higher ankle support and control, whereas soft boots are breathable and provide higher comfort. Kids feet grow rapidly. Therefore, inline skates for kids feature adjustable sizes to last several seasons. When choosing a new pair of skates, do not base your decision on the shoe size: measure your child’s feet and check the size chart to find the correct size.

Skates for kids are often equipped with small wheels. 64 mm to 76 mm wheels are perfect for starting kids as they offer moderate speed and optimal control when skating.

Protective Gear Is a Must

Kids should always wear protection when blading and be under the supervision of an adult. A helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards are the essential protective gear that children should wear at all times.

Check out our Skating Protective Gear page and let your kids learn to skate safely.

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