Longboard Gloves and Slide Pucks

Always wear longboard gloves when downhill sliding

Longboard gloves work as protective gear when you're out longboarding and going downhill. With a pair of longboard slide gloves on, your hands are protected so you can achieve great slides without having to worry about hurting your hands.

The gloves are often made of durable leather materials and are mounted with slide pucks to give your hands maximum protection when you break the sound barrier on your downhill ride!

When using slide gloves, you’ll notice, that the slide pucks will be worn down a lot faster, than the rest of the glove. That’s the reason why the pucks are sold separately - simply to expand the lifetime of the gloves. The pucks are made of engineered thermoplastic, which provides a low-friction surface, that allows you to glide on the rough asphalt surface at high speed.

Longboard gloves for beginners and experts

We have an extensive collection of different slide gloves for both beginners and pro riders. Beginners will usually need a pair, which also protects the fingertips with a puck, whereas more experienced riders tend to prioritise flexibility and choose a glove without pads on the fingers. These gloves will usually have a hard leather surface on the fingertips, and might even have a layer of Kevlar.

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