Skate Knee Pads


Should I Wear Skate Knee pads?

Wearing knee protection when inline or roller skating is extremely important. This kind of protective gear covers your knees from getting injured when taking hard beatings from unwanted falls. Knee pads for skating will drastically minimise the risk of bone fractures and bruises. You should always wear knee pads if you are a beginner skater. Not only will you be way more protected against any knee injury, but you will also gain the confidence necessary to try new tricks and reach higher speeds.

Choosing the Right Skate Knee pads


Consider if you want a pair of velcro straps knee pads or long sleeve-shaped pads. Inline skating knee pads and roller skate knee pads with velcro straps are size-adjustable and are easily worn over your clothes. On the other hand, long-sleeved knee pads wear tight around your legs and can be put under your clothes if you do not want to compromise your style when out skating.


The kind of padding you should wear mostly depends on your skating style. Beginner skaters, as well as aggressive skaters, might need a pair of hard shell pads. They feature hard plastic caps over the padding for extra protection on the knee joint. Fitness, recreational and long-distance skaters would be best with a pair of soft padded knee pads. Although they don’t offer the same protection as the hard-shelled ones, they are highly breathable and offer increased mobility.


Knee pads for inline skating should fit comfortably and should not be too tight or too loose. In order to get the right pair for you, remember to check the size chart of products and to measure the circumference of your joints.

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