Knee protection


Skate knee pads that provide complete freedom of movement

Find the right knee pads that meet your needs on this page and avoid bad knee injuries when skateboarding, rollerblading or riding on a scooter. You can find a wide range of knee protectors for both beginners an more experienced fitness skaters. The knee protection at SkatePro is characterised by being anatomically correct and made of breathable material. They are comfortable, so you can easily move and bend your knees without having that annoying feeling of something tightening around your knees. Some of the knee pads also have reflective tape on to make you visible when it is dark outside.

Knee protector for skiing, snowboarding, BMX, dancing and everyday stuff

The knee pads on this page are specifically designed for skaters and riders, but they can easily be used for many other purposes. Even people who ski or snowboard as well as BMX riders can benefit from our knee pads - the G-Form knee protection is especially popular. It is anatomically-shaped and only hardens upon impact.

Also dancers will benefit from using knee pads when they perform certain steps where they fall down on the knees - causing high impact on the knee shells. Knee pads with a hole in the back or with a stretchy material are optimal for dancing because of higher flexibility.

If you experience discomfort in the knees in your everyday life and wish to stabilise your knees, the knee pads can easily be used for this purpose as well. It is also a good idea to use knee protection if you perform a lot of work where you sit on your knees, for example at gardening.

Even though you see some skateboarders without knee pads, there are several benefits of using them and at SkatePro we always encourage our customers to use protective equipment. Not only do you get an opportunity to enjoy your sport for many years without any discomfort in the knees, but knowing that your knee pads will protect you, you might just also get that extra confidence boost allowing you to pull off even bigger stunts - like a pro! This way you can actually improve your performance without having to waste any time at the emergency where they might even tell you to put skating on pause for some time before you are ready to go back.

Knee pads with a special design

Remember that knee pads today come in many different designs, some of which are even designed with special technologies that provide extra comfort so it doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything around your knees. Some models are even so flat-designed that you can wear them under your pants if you don’t want them to be visible. This, for example, applies to the knee pads from G-Form which are especially flat and can easily be worn under the clothes. You can also find other knee pad models with a focus on the design, which can even give a more sporty look to your outfit. And then it is just way cooler to get up one your own after a fall and continue the skating - a real pro!

What do knee pads protect you against?

Knee pads protect your knee shells from getting injured when taking hard beatings from the falls that all skaters experience from time to time. Whether you fall on a hard surface like the floor, hit a wall or fall on a metal rail, the knee protection will prevent any damage to your knees as well as the femur and tibia. These are parts that often get injured in skating, because of twisting landing motions. With knee protection on, you will avoid bone fractures in and around your knees. The compression and padding in the knee pads provide a shock absorption effect and will keep you protected.

Check out the selection of knee protection on this page and find yourself a pair of knee pads that meet your needs and taste.