Stunt Scooter Helmets

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Keep your head safe and your confidence high with a scooter helmet

Bones usually heal, but a damaged skull or even brain is very serious business, and that is why you should wear a scooter helmet when you ride.

A scooter helmet is not only for when you are doing aerial tricks in the skate park or grinding rails in the streets. A scooter helmet is also important to wear when you are just out having fun or commuting on your scooter.

Scooter helmets are not only for amateurs and kids, a lot of the best riders in the world wear stunt scooter helmets because they know that a concussion or worse will put them on a timeout for a long time.

There is no doubt that your mind is more at ease when you feel safe. With a Stunt scooter helmet or stunt scooter helmet on your head, you get the guts to push yourself to the limit.

This means that you can concentrate on the trick and not your fear when you are learning new tricks.

Buy a scooter helmet instead of using your bike helmet

Yes, scooter helmets and bicycle helmets have a lot in common, but this is the two most important reasons why you should buy a pro scooter helmet:

Scooter helmets are multi-impact resistant, conventional bike helmets need to be changed after a serious impact;

  • Scooter helmets are made in a shape to protect also the back of your head, conventional bike helmets don’t.
  • All the scooter helmets you find in this category has an EN 1078 Certificate. This means that the helmets are approved for both skating, scootering and biking.
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