Kids Cruiser Skateboards


Are Cruiser Boards Good for Kids?

Kids cruiser boards are a type of skateboard that is designed for relaxed riding rather than tricks and stunts. They are around the same length but have more of a “fish-shaped” design compared to a traditional skateboard.

They are designed with big, soft wheels, allowing for a smooth and stable ride that your child will soon be able to master. As many kids like to start off their skating by simply riding around, they are a great starter board. However cruisers are not just for beginners, they are great fun for all abilities and a convenient method of transport.

What Size Kids Cruiser Skateboard Should I Get?

Cruiser boards for kids come in a range of sizes depending on the brand and style. One of the most important things to consider is the deck width. For a child of around 8 years old, a width of between 6 to 8 inches is likely to give them the best skating experience. Having a deck too wide will be harder to learn on. To make sure you get the right size for your child, check out our Skateboard Size chart.

When browsing cruiser skateboards for kids you will likely see the word mini cruiser a lot. These are around the same size as kids cruisers but can be used by adults and younger riders.

It’s really important that your child wears protection when they take to the street on their new cruiser, so be sure to buy proper Kids skateboard Protection.

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