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Kitesurfing harness an essential piece of gear

A kitesurfing harness makes sure that the pulling force of the kite goes to your body centre and not into your arms.

There are quite a few kiteboarding harnesses out there and what you choose should depend on your style of riding and how the specific kite harness fits you. You need to take your time when picking a kite harness, an uncomfortable or ill-fitting kitesurfing harness will have a negative effect on your performance.

So which kite harness to choose?

The two most popular types of kitesurfing harnesses are:

Seat harness

This type of kite harness offers you great stability due to its construction. A seat harness goes around your lower back, hips and has leg straps. This design gives you a lower hook and therefore a lower pull point of the kite, which in short gives you greater stability and high comfort, this makes it easier to learn to kitesurf. A seat harness would not be only a great choice for beginners if you got back problems a seat harness can also be a good idea for you.

Many kitesurfers won’t use a seat harness after they learned to kitesurf, so you might want to consider if you want to invest in this type of harness or a different kitesurfing harness. Furthermore, you should be aware, that a seat harness will limit your mobility compared to other harnesses.

Waist harness

This kind of kitesurfing harness goes around your waist. Unlike the seat harness, it has no leg straps, and it hooks higher. This construction offers you great mobility for your legs and torso, and the higher hooking position is better for unhooking and hooking back on again - This is also why most freestyle and Wakestyle kitesurfers use a kiteboarding waist harness. If you choose a waist harness, you should be aware that it demands a greater level of body tension from the rider, which means that you need to use your core muscles and abs. Furthermore, this type of kite harness can be a little hard on the ribs.

No matter what solution you’ll choose we offer a great selection of models from different brands. From budget-friendly models who do a great job of getting you out on the water and riding to feature-rich models with extra comfort, support, and convenience for those who live on their board.

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