Liners for Freeskates

Skate in Comfort With Freeskate Liners

The liner is what your feet rest in when getting into your skates. It’s the inner layer of the boot that not only makes sure that your feet stay comfortable but also plays a big part in how you steer the skate. Most liners can be easily removable, so if you are finding that the liner on your current skates is not comfortable enough, or has worn out then it’s something that is easy to change.

Liners for freeskates are designed to fit tightly. A snug fit will ensure that the liner is responsive and that you can get maximum energy transfer. This is important if you are cruising around busy urban areas or enjoy a bit of slalom skating.

Freeskate liners follow the same sizing measurements as regular skate boots. Similar to ski boots, the advice is always to use the Mondopoint measurements to get the best fitting size. Many models are now also heat moldable, allowing you to get the perfect fit for your foot and ankle.

For even more comfort and support when skating, consider getting a pair of Insoles.

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