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What is a Headset on a BMX Bike?

BMX bike headsets are the all-important piece that connects the fork to the bike frame and allows the handlebars to spin. The BMX headset bearings make up the main pieces, but parts can vary depending on what BMX headset type you go for. Integrated headsets are the most common type these days, but there are also many good non-integrated headsets available.

What Size BMX Headset do I Need?

The standard size of the BMX headset is 1 ⅛ inches. This measurement should match the diameter of the fork steerer tube. Some models come in a bigger size of 1 ⅛ - 1 ½ inches, and there are race BMX bikes and youth BMX bikes with a smaller headset tube of 1 inch.

Other common parts are BMX headset spacers that can alter the stack height and C rings that help centre the fork in the headtube.

BMX Integrated Headsets VS Non-Integrated Headsets

Integrated headsets have become the popular choice for many freestyle BMX riders. They are given this name because the sealed bearing rings are positioned in an integrated bearing holder that is built into the frame. This headset type is very simple to install and has a nice clean look to it.

Non-integrated headsets, also known as standard headsets, have cups that are pressed into the headtube. The bearings are positioned over the frame and not integrated into it. This type of headset normally has unsealed bearings, so there is less friction created when the handlebars spin.

Give the BMX Headset a Good Grease

When replacing the headsets, we recommend that you give your new parts a good amount of grease. Greasing the headset will make sure all the parts are easier to maintain, clean and replace.

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