Soul Plates and Soul Frames


All About Soul Plates, Soul Frames and Grindplates

As an aggressive skater you know how big a part grinding and sliding are of the sport. In this category, you will find our selection of soul plates, grind plates and soul frames. Whether on the street or the skate park, regular grinding takes a toll on your skates meaning that parts will have to be replaced over time.

Grindplates are placed in the groove of the middle of the skate. This allows you to “lock on” to a rail and grind in the middle of the boot. Soul frames sit between the boot and the frame, with soul plates, or sliders, attaching to this. This broadens the frame part of the setup, allowing you to grind with the side of the boot as well as the heel.

While using grind plates and soul plates is something that is almost exclusive to aggressive skating, there are a couple of freeskate models that support the use of soul plates. Furthermore, a newer addition to the market are grind blocks, which can be attached to quad skates.

However, whatever you need for your skates, make sure that they will be compatible with your existing setup. The safest way to make sure is to pick a model that is manufactured by the same brand as your skate.

Another important part that will influence how your grinding feels are your frames. If you think it’s time for a new one, then head to our Aggressive Skate Frames page.

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