Skate Ramps & Grind Rails

Is it time to get a skate ramp?

If you have been skating for some time now, or about to begin with the trick part, then a home base with a ramp and/or a skate grind rail will really help you accelerate in the learning curve. Ramps for skates are similar to any other ramp that you would use for skateboarding, BMX, or scooting, the only difference would be the set-up you would choose.

Normally, when you skate on obstacles you choose a line - the setting of the various ramps and skate rails that follow each other to build a track where you show your skill. You can buy different, moveable ramps to learn and practise tricks where you need airtime. This will save you some time looking and going to a spot or a park, where most likely you will not be the only one in line to give the ramp a try.

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