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What Are Stunt scooter Bars?

Stunt scooter bars are an important part of your scooter setup. Scooter bars come in various sizes and designs, to fit your height and riding style accordingly. They are made out of aluminium, steel or titanium. Aluminium scooter bars are light, making them ideal for doing tricks. Meanwhile, steel bars are heavier but more durable. Titanium scooter bars are both light and durable, offering the best of both worlds.

How Tall Should Scooter Bars Be?

Getting the right bar height impacts how your scooter will feel when riding. Although how tall you want your scooter bars to be is a matter of personal preference, you get the best experience if the bar reaches between your thighs and navel area. However, some pro riders often prefer higher bars for stability and better control.

For scooter bar diameter, this can either be standard or oversized. Standard bars have an outer diameter of 32 mm and an inner diameter of 28 mm. Oversized bars have an outer diameter of 35 mm and an inner diameter of either 28 mm or 32 mm. If the inner diameter is 28 mm then it will only work with IHC forks. If it’s 32 mm, then it will require HIC compression. With SCS, there are some other pointers in regard to compatibility, such as that the bars are not allowed to have a slit - so, if you are unsure of what fits together, then check out our guide: Buying Scooter Bars.

Y-Bar or T-Bar for Scooters

Scooter bars are available in two main designs, the Y-bar, and the T-bar. In general, bars for park scootering are often in the Y design and made from aluminium. T-bars are used more for street riding and are typically made from steel. The Y-bar consists of three or more welded pieces, whereas the T-bar is made up of two pieces. Some T-bars have reinforcements to the crossbar for added durability.

Some pro scooter bars have a back sweep, meaning that the bar is bent at a back angle, like many bike handlebars. Whether you prefer a stunt scooter bar with a back sweep or not is a matter of your own taste.

Once you have your bar sorted, check out our selection of Stunt scooter Grips to keep your setup looking fresh.

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