Boat Tubes


Great water tubes for maximum water fun

Water tubes or also fun tubes are boat tubes specifically designed for recreational purpose. Those towable tubes are normally attached to a motorboat by a rope rinning through an achoring point for the tow line.

There is no precise period when the water tubes started being used commercially but they have been on the watersport scene for several decades. Nowadays, the fun tube differs significantly from the black inner tube we know from our childhood adventures. They are made of durable materials such as heavy duty nylon covers and heavy gauge PVC bladders.

Fun tubes are made for everyone

The ride in every water tube can vary depending on how many people it is intended for and on the shape (often a donut or disc shaped); and, of course, depending on how sweet your friend behind the motorboat wheel is. No matter which one you will choose, the towable tubes are a guaranteed fun and adrenaline in the water, suitable for everybody.

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