BMX Brake Levers

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BMX Brake Levers Help You Stay in Control

BMX brake levers, sometimes called BMX brake handles, are the small levers on your handlebars that are a key part of your braking system. When pushed, the lever will pull a cable that will, in turn, activate and allow you to slow down or stop. Most BMX bike brake levers are made from aluminium to ensure a lightweight product that does not rust.

Getting a new lever can impact how your braking will feel and can give you better braking power and control when riding. Many riders also like to upgrade their brake levers to customise the look of their bars.

When buying new levers, it is important to check that they will be compatible with your existing braking system and which side of the handlebar they will fit.

If you want more information on mounting brakes, check out our guide on How To Mount a BMX Brake.

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