Surfskate Trucks

How Do Surfskate Trucks Work?

Surfskate trucks are arguably the most important part of generating that surf feeling when riding your surfskate. Surf skateboard trucks enable you to make short and quick turns and as a result, give you a different feeling compared to skateboard and longboard trucks.

With this truck system, the majority of the turning is done with the front truck. Surfskate front trucks have a unique design that contains either a swivel plate and a bushing, or a special bushing system. Depending on the design, some trucks are ideal for surf training while others are better for making fun carves down the sidewalk.

Surfskating is a relatively new sport and every brand in the game is constantly developing new truck systems with the goal of providing the most authentic surf feel on the road.

How Tight Should Surfskate Trucks Be?

It’s up to you, but how tight you have your trucks has a big impact on your riding. Having tight trucks will give you a more solid and stable feeling. If you’re new to surfskating, then it’s recommended to start with tighter trucks and loosen them over time. Looser trucks will mean a more agile and responsive ride, and also an easier pump. Tightening or loosening your trucks is relatively straightforward and can be done with most skate tools or an Allen key.

Looking for a more traditional skating experience? See our range of trucks for Skateboards and Longboards.

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