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Twintip on a kids snowboard

Here you can find our wide selection of kids snowboards that can give you a fun and different experience on your ski trip.

When you choose a kids snowboard it's important to pick the right length. If the snowboard is placed vertically, the board should reach the shoulders of the user, and it shouldn't go higher than the chin. If you are in doubt, it's better with a shorter snowboard than a longer one. In that way the user will be able to control the board better, providing a better experience for the young rider. Especially if it’s your child's first experience on a snowboard it is important to get as many success-stories as possible since this will encourage the kid to stay in the sport.

Most of our kids snowboards come with a twin-tip design. Twin-tip snowboards are well-suited for parks and tricks, and they are ideal for playing on the piste. On a twin-tip snowboard, the front-end and rear-end are symmetrical, and the bindings are centred so it's equally easy to ride forward and backward. Snowboarding is all about active fun for your kids, whether it is on the piste, in the park or other places on the mountain. Therefore it's a good and fun choice for your children on the ski trip.

Different brands of junior snowboards

We carry kids and junior snowboards from various brands, and it can be quite difficult to choose a board. You can say, that the most important thing is, that your child is thrilled about the board and gets a good experience out on the piste. That is why it’s a good idea to involve your child in the buying process since style and print might play a bigger part than the parents think.

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