Kick scooter wheels

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Kick scooter wheels for every purpose

As soon as you start to travel on your stunt, pro or adjustable scooter it will have an impact on the wheels. Every push and every turn will set a small mark on the wheels. At some point, the wheels will need a replacement, and if your scooter is an adjustable kick scooter, this will be the place to look.

Here you can find wheels for your scooter. We have wheels for scooters in different sizes, making sure that you can find the right wheel no matter if you have a cruise scooter, adjustable or pro scooter.

The width of a scooter wheel is almost universal, and you should focus your energy on choosing a wheel that has the right diameter for your need.

How hard kick scooter wheels should I choose?

There is no doubt, which the hardness and size of your wheels, has a huge influence on the overall scooting experience. You can say, that the softer the wheels, the more comfortable a ride you will get but at the same time a softer set of wheels will get worn down faster than a set of hard wheels. A really hard set of wheels is rarely recommended for a kick scooter and an adjustable scooter since they are often used for transportation.

Notice, that all wheels are sold without bearings, except if otherwise stated. Are you unsure if a certain wheel fits your scooter, please just contact our costumer service.

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