Kick Scooter Wheels

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Kick Scooter Wheels For Everyday Riding

Although the wheels that come with your kick scooter are long-lasting, there will come a time when they need replacing. To make sure that your new wheels will fit, make sure to get one with the right diameter for the rest of your setup.

Another big decision to make is the hardness of your wheels, as this will impact how your overall riding feels. Softer wheels are likely to give you a smoother ride however they may wear down quicker. If you want to know how hard your wheels are, then what you need to look out for is the durometer rating. This is measured up to 100 with the letter A, with the higher the number the harder the wheel.

Pneumatic Scooter Wheels that use an air tube inside the tyre are found on many scooter models. These wheels are great for daily use whether it's commuting to work or heading to the mall. This is because they cushion the scooter on uneven surfaces and provide great traction.

How Long Do Kick Scooter Wheels Last?

The answer to this question depends on various factors such as what sort of wheels you have, how often you ride, and what surfaces you are riding. As mentioned, if you are using softer wheels then these may need replacing more often. Likewise, if you are riding daily, and on uneven surfaces then this is likely to reduce their lifespan.

Bearings are essential for keeping your wheels spinning smoothly. After a while, they will need to be replaced too, so if you think you could do with a new set then check our Kick Scooter Bearings.

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