Cross country ski boots - Skating

Cross country skate boots are the stiffest

Cross country ski boots for skating differs from classic cross country boots with their stiffer design. The reason behind this design, is the different movement pattern when skating, which makes it harder for the ankles. They, therefore, come with a stiff ankle support of either carbon or plastic. Besides that, the skating boots also come with stiffer soles, making it easier to achieve a lot of energy in your kick.

Generally, you can say, that a pair of cross country boots for skating is much more stable than a classic boot, and it is close to impossible, to find a design that is too stiff. That being said, it is still very important, that you get a set of boots that fit perfectly and do not tighten the foot. Some models are a little wider in their design, which is perfect for people who have been blessed with feet that go beyond the standard measures and sizes.

Both for cross country and roller skiing

Some of our boots for skating can be used for both cross country and roller skiing. This means that you actually get double value with these boots, since you can use them all year round - of course, provided that you are a fan of both cross country and roller skiing. If you choose to practise and perfect your form during summer on a pair of roller skis, this will have a noticeable impact on your cross country skating style.