Scooter axles

Axle length

Good to know

Scooter axles come in different variations.

Here you can find a replacement scooter axle if your original wheel bolts are broken or the bolts are getting rounded.

The axle’s job is to connect the wheels to the scooter in a durable way that maintains speed.

The most acknowledged materials are steel and aluminium. Steel is stronger and aluminium is lighter, so the best stunt scooter axle depends on the individual riders preferences and riding style.

Scooter axle bolts either come with a bolt and hub kit or with an integrated thread. The axle length and axle diameter also differ, and some sizes are suitable for certain brands, as an example Ethic and District forks are compatible with 85mm. The standard size for the scooter axle bolt diameter is 8mm, but they also come in 6mm, 10mm. and everywhere in-between.

There is a scooter axle for the rear wheel and an axle for the front wheel. When buying an axle for the rear wheel it’s important, that the axle diameter and length fits the deck, and when buying an axle for the front wheel it’s important, that it fits the fork.

Pegs can be mounted on the axles

Most pegs can be customised to fit almost any deck with the use of spacers and a long axle.

The axle size depends on how many pegs you want to instal on each axle and what kind of deck and fork you use.

It is a good idea to measure your old scooter axle bolt before purchasing a new one, to make sure you buy the right length. Read more about the individual wheel bolts length, and which models fit to what deck on the product pages. If you have any questions regarding your stunt scooter setup, feel free to give us a call.

For more information and technical details about stunt scooter axles click here.

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