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Womens Inline Skates

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Womens Inline skates

On this page you will find girls and womens inline skates, from size 35 and up. The inline skates are suitable for workout skating and trips around the park or the city. All these womens inline skates are for beginners and intermediate riders. So if your inline skates are for general training, this is the right place to look.

Most womens inline skates in this category have a neutral design, like inline skates for men. However in this category there are more inline skates with different colours, and the boots has a more narrow fit than the the boots for men. There are also skates that can be attached to your shoes, to make the skates more personal.

Frames and wheels of womens inline skates

Womens inline skates are available with either a plastic/composite frame or an aluminium frame. The plastic frame is softer and more resistant, so you have to work a little harder to get momentum. The aluminium frame is harder, which provides stability and makes the inline skates faster.

Most womens inline skates in this category have quite large wheels, because these allow higher speed than the small wheels, which is practical if you use your inliners for work-out. Furthermore they often have a hardness that is neither too soft nor too hard (around 83-85A). Soft wheels gives a good grip, but at the same time they will slow you down a little. Very hard wheels are suitable for sports, such as speed skating and aggressive. They are faster than the soft wheels, but in turn they are not as shock absorbing.

Keep an eye on our guide: Buying inline skates, for tips on getting the right model and size.