Kids Skateboard Helmets


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Keep Your Child Safe With a Kids skateboard Helmet

Skateboarding is a fun, social and safe sport for your child. However, accidents do happen, and it is important for your kid to wear the right protective gear. The first piece of protection to get is the helmet. It is the most important piece of protection to wear and can protect your child from a serious injury if they have a bad fall. Skateboard helmets are designed with a hard external shell and a polystyrene foam core, meaning that they will protect against multiple impacts.

Many people ask if a regular bicycle helmet can be worn when skateboarding. This is possible, however, it is worth investing in a skate helmet as they provide more protection to the back of the head.

How Should a Kids Skate Helmet Fit?

Kids skateboard helmets should fit snugly and securely. It is important that there is not too much movement but at the same time is not too tight or uncomfortable. Make sure that the helmet is being worn correctly and is not sitting too high or too low on the head - the front should align with the eyebrows and the back should not touch the neck.

To get the right size for your kid, take a soft tape measure and wrap it around the lower forehead. Remember that helmets will size slightly differently depending on the brand, so be sure to check the individual helmet’s measurements. To read more about getting the right fit, read our guide on How to Wear a Helmet.

Along with the helmet, it’s also important that your child has a set of Kids Skate Pads to ensure they’re fully protected.

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