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Kids Scooter Helmets Keep Your Child Safe

A kid’s scooter helmet is the most important piece of protection your child should have when riding their scooter. Children of all ages and abilities should wear a scooter helmet, ranging from first-time triers on a 3 wheeled scooter to kids doing scooter tricks in the skatepark. Parents often ask if toddlers need helmets for scooters. This answer is of course yes, as these little ones are still developing their balancing skills.

All the kid’s scooter helmets in this category have EN 1078 certificates. This is a European safety standard that deems them safe to use for scootering, skating and cycling.

Use A Scooter Helmet Instead of A Bike Helmet

Children’s scooter helmets are designed in a few different ways to bicycle helmets, which make them much safer when scooter riding. The back area of the kid’s scooter helmets covers the entire back of the head, all the way down to the neck. This is different from bicycle helmets, where the helmet stops further up the head. The scooter helmets are designed in this way to protect children from when they fall backward, which happens more in scootering than cycling.

Another quality of kid’s scooter helmets is that they are designed to be multi-impact resistant. The strong material holds its shape through multiple falls/impacts, whereas bicycle helmets commonly need replacing after one hard impact.

A child’s scooter helmet should be at the top of the list when it comes to scooter protection and, making sure it fits correctly, is essential. See our How to Wear Your Helmet Guide for some extra advice. If you are looking for protection for the knees, elbow, and wrists, check out our Scooter Pads & Skate Pads 2-pack for an easy solution to cover all three.

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