Accessories for speedskates

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Find the best speed skate parts

Speed skating on inline skates is a sport where participants often spend a great deal of money and time to perfect and optimise their gear - and with good reason. When you manage to achieve with even the smallest optimizations of your skates you will experience instant payoff resulting in higher speeds and a better power transfer from the skates to the asphalt.

In this section, you will find different speed skate parts and speed skate accessories for this purpose - but also just for regular maintenance of your speed skates.

A very useful speed skate accessory is the ankle stabiliser from Powerslide. This is a great upgrade for new speed skaters that might be used to skating on fitness or hockey skates that provides a lot more ankle support than a pair of high-end speed skates. This speed skate part is also great for those skaters out there that just wants a bit more control and stability on their ride.

You might want a brake

If you are new to speed skating we always recommend that you mount a brake on your skates, if they don’t come with a pre-mounted brake pad. For this purpose, we have a few different brake systems. If your wheels are from 84 mm to 110 mm you should get the brake system from Road Hog. If you use the biggest size possible, 125 mm, you should choose the braking system from Powerslide.

You will also find more all-around parts such as bolts, axles, laces, buckles, wires and tools. Go have a look in this section for speed skate parts and speed skate accessories.

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