3-pack - Ice Skates


3 Pack Ice Skate Pads for All-Round Protection

If you want to look after your bones and joints while on the ice, then a 3 pack of ice skating protection is the way forward. In the 3pack, you will find the traditional combination of ice skating knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. It’s worth noting that many of these products double up as regular skate pads, roller skating pads and other action sports protection.

When ice skating, it is common to fall forwards onto your knees while trying to catch yourself with your hands. This is where the ice skating wrist guards and knee pads come to the rescue. The foam in the pads will absorb the impact while the hard outer caps will help prevent cuts and further bruising. Elbow pads are also highly useful as the elbow is a sensitive area with many nerves running through it. Designed similar to knee pads with foam absorbing pads and outer caps, they can save you from many injuries.

Remember not to skip over the most important piece of protective equipment for ice skating, the helmet. To see our collection, check out Ice Skating Helmets.

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